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Your use of our products signifies your agreement with our following terms of services. However, if you do not wish to adhere to these legal conditions then it is strongly suggested that you must refrain from using any of our services.

We suggest our clients to read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Mighty Research Papers. By using our products or services you acknowledge that you will adhere to the legal conditions presented herein:

  • Mighty Research Papers works exclusively online, providing varied academic writing services. All the services are served both at local and international level. The company has expert writers who have abundant experience and expertise in this industry.
  • By making a purchase with our company you acknowledge that you will use the product for non-commercial use only, i.e., for personal use.
  • Every order is produced by the in-house experts of our company. Therefore, we hold complete ownership rights of our products, until or unless, the required payment is paid for the concerned product.
  • Client’s agreement with our Terms of services will activate immediately when we receive the payment and assign the order to one of our experts. The agreement will be terminated once the completed order is successfully delivered to the client.
  • Mighty Research Papers agrees to produce the academic paper of its clients according to the precise quality standard they specify. In case if the client observes any error in the work, i.e., the paper doesn’t meet the specified standard the client is allowed to notify the company within 7 days.
  • The client is liable to furnish all the necessary details regarding the paper to the company through the order form. In case if the client forgets or fails to provide the essential information through the form, he/she may furnish those details through contacting the company’s customer support.
  • In the event that Mighty Research Papers fails to accomplish and deliver the order on-time, a refund will be furnished immediately to the client for the inconvenience. Clients are advised to check out our Refund Policy for further details.
  • Mighty Research Papers is liable to deliver the client’s order in a timely manner and as per the precise requirements of the client.
  • The company agrees to facilitate its client throughout the process through its round-the-clock customer support.
  • Although Mighty Research may be linked with numerous different websites over the internet. However, the company doesn’t support or approves any such link unless otherwise mentioned herein.
  • By using our website or using any services, you also acknowledge that our company holds absolute rights over the amendment in terms and conditions. You are also suggested to read our legal conditions whenever you visit our website.
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