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Unorthodox Ways to Butchering Academic Blues (Stress)


Image Credit: ChrisGraphix

“God will never give you anything you can’t handle, so don’t stress” (Kelly Clarkson)

Indeed, true! Let’s face it stress is not an enigma but a reality that each one of us goes through at one point or another. Technically speaking, no one is safe from the smoldering flames of stress. Yet, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any happiness, bliss or pleasure in life. Remember that beyond every stressful episode lies an ecstatic moment waiting for you to be availed.

So, never give up in the face of stress even if it is caused by your hectic academic life or mind-numbing academic papers. Indeed, life in college is not so fun and easy-going as you would expect in movies like “American Pie” or “21 Jump Street”. In fact, it is nerve-wracking to the extent that some even give up moving any further at all. Regardless, stress does have its detrimental impacts on students in terms of both academic and physical performance.

Nevertheless, never submit to this hell hound no matter how frightful it may seem because there any many ways you can purge this nightmare and emerge victorious (delighted):

Stuff Your Mind with Interesting Thoughts

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another” by William James. Stress is hazardous to your mind in that when it comes to pass, it fills your mind with nothing but the things that cause it. So, the quickest way to clear your engine is to change the oil with a new or fresh one. In other words, start thinking about other things in your life that are exciting, inspiring or simply funny. For instance, think about how your brother broke your neighbor’s glass while playing football and how he came out in his boxers shouting in a grumpy voice.

Take Out Your PlayStation or Xbox

Who said playing consoles is detrimental to studies…? No Way, unless you take it to the extreme! Playing your favorite game would allow you to give your mind some relief from all that menacing thoughts or stuff. Moreover, playing stimulates your creative-engine and emotions while keeping you away from all the stressful thoughts that engulf you like shadows in the dark. So, plug your console and play your favorite RPG for half an hour or so to kill the stress before it grows like a tumor.

Show Some Generosity

Have you ever seen generous people who never hesitate to spend a fraction of their income among needy people or who never say no to someone who need help? If so, then I bet you must also have found them brimming with bliss and joy because such is the perks of being generous. When you help someone and get a thank you or blessing from them, you experience a surge of blissful feelings inside your heart that gradually engross your mind and, so, your whole body. So, don’t be self-focused but be generous even if it is helping your mom with running some errands.

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