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5 Classic Questions To Start An Interesting Conversation

There are many things that students have to learn and improve during their college life to make their transition smoother from college to professional life. One of the most important things that they have to work on is to learn important practices about professional networking such as improving their networking conversations to make connections with the people you meet during the seminars, events and information sessions.

improve networking conversation

In order to lead a meaningful conversation, one should know the classic questions that can lead to a long conversation. If you are trying to break the ice with questions like what do you do or where do you live, your conversation will end in few minutes.

Following are some classic questions that you should give a try to open conversation and they will lead to a memorable conversation.

1. Have You Watched That ‘Something’?

This is the most effective question that leads to an interesting conversation. Everyone you meet usually watch some popular TV shows. Therefore, you can start your conversation by replacing ‘Something’ with a popular TV show. In case that person does not watch that particular show, you can continue your conversation by asking him the reason of not watching that show or which TV show does he watch. There are chances that you have also watched that show and you can continue talking about that.

2. Have You Read Any Interesting Book? I Am Looking For One:

It would be hard to find a person who does not like to read books. Therefore, asking about a book can be a great question to start conversation. It is because people usually feel great telling about the book they have read. However, since you guys have just met, the person sitting beside you may not feel comfortable in telling much about the book on his own. So you will have to ask more about the book to keep conversation.

3. I Love Your Dress. From Where You Have Bought?

Complimenting someone you have just met seems flattery but it works if done appropriately. Besides complimenting on appearance, you should keep your compliment restricted to the dress or an accessory such as necklace or watch. People feel great when someone compliments them on the thing they are wearing and it can lead to an interesting conversation in case if that particular thing is a gift given by a loved one who is no longer alive or bought during the exotic trip which makes it unique and hard to find in local stores.

4. I Skipped Gym For This Event? What Have You Skipped?

These days, everyone has a quite busy schedule and if someone is coming to attend an event or seminar, he may have compromised something else to attend it. So this question is a good conversation starter but make sure to start this question from yourself telling the other person that you have skipped something and there are chances that he would have skipped something as well.

5. I Am So Embarrassed… My Shoe Got Ruined Due To Dirt While I Was Coming Here… Have You Ever Faced Such Embarrassment?

This is something that has happened with almost everyone, at least once in a life. If not then some similar thing would have happened that has lead to embarrassment. Bringing up an embarrassing story is always a good call to lead a funny and interesting conversation. However, it should start from you because the self-depreciation is important to start conversation with such icebreaking question.


Given above are some classic questions that have helped people to lead meaningful conversations and to improve their networking conversations. You can find out more questions to start conversation through trial and error.


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