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Phenomenal Research Paper in 10 Easy Steps

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Research paper is a pretty productive tool that allows students to explore topics they like in more depth. Moreover, this tool also empowers them to improve their various academic skills to secure not only bright grades but a bright career as well. In addition to that it widens their knowledge allowing them to take a look at an issue from different perspectives.

However, even after having so many advantages in its arsenal, it is still being disliked by many students due to various reasons. First of all, there is too much research involve in it that calls for not only abundance of efforts but also time. Secondly, students are asked to submit these papers within a predetermined deadline. To meet these deadlines, they miss out on get together, parties and even have to ditch their friends, which they don’t like.

Nonetheless, if this paper is tackled in a systematic and organized manner, students don’t have to miss out on any fun occasions at all. Take a look at the following guidelines and learn how you can complete a stunning research paper in 10 simple steps.

1.    To get started with a college research paper the first thing that you must ensure is an interesting, engaging and unique topic. There are a couple of factors that must be taken into account while picking out the best topic. The first factor that I already mentioned is that it should be interesting. Secondly, it must not be broad but specific. Also, it should be insightful in the eyes of the readers.

2.    Next thing you need to decide is how you’ll go about the research process and where you’ll look for research. In short, you’ll need to decide how you’ll find the sources. You can look for reliable sources in a couple of places like text-books, libraries, online databases like edu web portals, etc.

3.    Once you’ve located the source where you can find sound materials, immediately begin your research. Ensure that you take proper notes while performing your research. Also, make sure that each reference is noted along with the proper citations.

4.    Now, compile all the sources in one big list so that you can have a single file which you can turn to for reference.

5.    Before you begin the writing process, sketch a descriptive outline of the paper. Outline allows you to get a complete picture of your actual research paper, which in turn, allows you to ensure that each chapter or section of the paper is written as it should be. A descriptive outline presents each and every detail of the paper, i.e., from thesis statement to conclusion.

6.    Now start the paper with your first draft. Present your arguments along with evidence or facts and figures to reinforce them or make them persuasive. If you think you lack any proper findings for your research, you can always pause the writing for a while and collect the necessary evidence.

7.    Ensure that the references you’ve used in the research paper are quoted properly in the footnotes and the facts are presented in a paraphrased version. If you fail to do so, your work will be deemed as plagiarized by your academia, which in turn, may come back to bite you.

8.    Check for possible grammatical blunders or logical gaps in the research paper by editing and proofreading it. Remember that you must never leave a research paper without revising it as it’ll ruin all your hard efforts.

9.     Ensure that the final draft of the paper has convincing evidence, thought-provoking conclusion and systematic organization of the data.

10.    Finally, create a ‘Work Cited’ page so that you can list down all the citations and wrap up your research paper.

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