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Teen Life – How to Make Your Boring College Life Fun

Most students imagine college life as the piling of assignments, huge bundles of notes, shelves filled with books, fear-filled exams, scary assignments and above all boring lectures. Although, college life is bit tough but it is not as horrible as we take it. In fact, you can make college life one of your best experiences if you do things right. First of all, college is not all about studying. Human body needs some rest. Therefore, students who just study without taking care of their health get serious mental and psychological troubles. Only studying can never bring desired results, but

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6 Reasons Why You Need LinkedIn Before Graduation

We are living in an age of information technology with a spice of Globalization. The World has become a huge box where boundaries are simply limitless. Inside this huge box, communication has become even more vast as well as extremely easy and quick. As mediums of communication are changing from written to oral and verbal, from introvert to extrovert, from homogenous to diverse and from implicit to explicit, the standards of Organizations are also becoming heterogeneous. Organizations that once asked for only hardworking employees now demand innovative minds, smart thinkers and quick le

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Writing a genuine research paper is really a worrisome and head spinning task for every student whether they are studying in a college or university. Research paper writing requires a thorough and deep exploration on any topic you choose. You have to prove your skills by accumulating various sources of information together in order to make it more valuable and authentic. Many students feel really confused when it comes in-depth researching. They obviously have no prior expertise and knowledge of preparing their first research assignment. Research is a broader thing and it needs a lot of

Unorthodox Ways to Butchering Academic Blues (Stress)

Image Credit: ChrisGraphix “God will never give you anything you can’t handle, so don’t stress” (Kelly Clarkson) Indeed, true! Let’s face it stress is not an enigma but a reality that each one of us goes through at one point or another. Technically speaking, no one is safe from the smoldering flames of stress. Yet, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any happiness, bliss or pleasure in life. Remember that beyond every stressful episode lies an ecstatic moment waiting for you to be availed. So, never give up in the face of stress even if it is caused by your hectic academic l

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Dominate the Corporate Ladder with 4 Career Advancement Tips

There’s no denying that career evolution is not just every individual’s dream but an ambition. However, progressing in your respective career is way more difficult than you can imagine. Unless you are lucky enough to marry the only daughter of a CEO and become the board of directors of a corporation, you’ve to work your A** off and climb the career ladder one step at a time. Remember that life is not always forthcoming and it will throw as many thorns as possible in the only path that leads to success. If you crave to achieve career advancement, then you’ve to take that thorny p

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3 Sneaky Tips to Avoid Resume Quagmire

After wrapping up your college program and acquiring your degree, you might have spent a great deal of time crafting a resume, decorating it and mass-mailing it to dozens of recruiters. Yet, you’ve never received a single call from any of them. Why is that so? You may wonder. Instead of wondering, ask yourself what exactly went wrong. Did you do your best to make your resume outstanding? As soon as this question hits your mind, a huge wave of answers will start flowing through your nerves and you will start getting the picture of your shortcomings. Recruiters have to go through hug

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4 Contemplative And Debatable Themes for a Paper on Social Psychology!

Social Psychology explores the feelings, attitudes and behaviors of humans and how they are influenced by their social, cultural and economic background. It investigates the interactions of humans with their society and how this relationship forms their opinion and beliefs. In this context, you can research about the formative social factors and motivators that affect the psyche of humans. For a research paper on Social Psychology, you can address the major social themes responsible for the development of human personality. Your paper can debate one or more aspects of a social theme and pro

Make Your Research Paper Engaging With 6 Popular Types of Sources

Research paper can be fairly demanding especially when it comes to finding the right sources. Finding credible sources for this assignment is no doubt quite hectic yet critical as well. Genuine sources acts as a reference which empowers the author to reinforce his points, ideas or arguments. The more convincing the arguments are the more engaging the research paper is. Nonetheless, with the easy availability of internet, seeking the right sources has become way lot easier than ever. The World Wide Web is crammed with trillions of material or information that can be used for adding credi

Phenomenal Research Paper in 10 Easy Steps

Research paper is a pretty productive tool that allows students to explore topics they like in more depth. Moreover, this tool also empowers them to improve their various academic skills to secure not only bright grades but a bright career as well. In addition to that it widens their knowledge allowing them to take a look at an issue from different perspectives. However, even after having so many advantages in its arsenal, it is still being disliked by many students due to various reasons. First of all, there is too much research involve in it that calls for not only abundance of effort