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Make Your Research Paper Engaging With 6 Popular Types of Sources


Research paper can be fairly demanding especially when it comes to finding the right sources. Finding credible sources for this assignment is no doubt quite hectic yet critical as well. Genuine sources acts as a reference which empowers the author to reinforce his points, ideas or arguments. The more convincing the arguments are the more engaging the research paper is.

Nonetheless, with the easy availability of internet, seeking the right sources has become way lot easier than ever. The World Wide Web is crammed with trillions of material or information that can be used for adding credibility and depth to your research. Given that you don’t have the luxury to spend a considerable time filtering the internet for valid sources, allow us to save you the efforts by presenting some popular sources that can help you write a phenomenal research paper.

•    Government (.gov) Websites

There are no reliable and dependable websites on the internet than .Gov sites. These websites are created for the purpose of benefiting the common populace. Therefore, information or materials published on this site are first assessed thoroughly to ensure its authenticity. Government websites are the ideal places to look for general statistics, demographics, local surveys, Laws, etc.

•    Education (.Edu) Websites

As the name implies these sources signify that they are associated with colleges or universities – in short, academic world. Every academic institute puts its utmost focus on presenting only reliable information to students and scholars all around the world, which is why .edu websites are also given the same level of importance as .gov sites. Prominent universities usually issue updates on recent developments and findings. Therefore, subscribe to those websites for finding latest materials.

•    Free Encyclopedias

Wikipedia is a free and heavily-populated website in terms of both information and users. Though the website is usually avoided by many scholars since the content is user-generated, it can instead be used for finding additional, valid sources that are often cited in its References section.

•    Scientific Journals

Sources from scientific journals are usually cited in empirical research papers. So, if you are writing an empirical research paper but don’t know where to look for best sources, try where you can find hundreds of journals on scientific research. Simply put the relevant keyword in the search box and you’ll easily access to a huge list of scientific articles and journals.

•    Experts’ Blog

Last but not least, you can find productive materials on a topic of your choice by accessing to an expert researcher’s blog. Find the blog of a researcher who is well-known in any academic discipline and become an active member of it. Not only you’ll get to avail free access to his/her current findings or research but you’ll also be able to reach out to them without any barriers.

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