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4 Sure-Fire Things Fresh Grads Must Know About Professional Networking

There is no doubt on the effectiveness of networking in finding a job these days especially for the ones having less or no experience like fresh grads. Most of the people refer networking as a pushy thing because they consider it as a process in which one has to call his/her known ones and asking them for a job.

However, in real, professional networking is a quite different strategy. What you actually ask is a favor and not job from them. Favor can be anything like referring for a vacant position, information about the job opening, requirements for the ideal candidate, etc. Also you should not only rely on the existing contacts of yours but try to enlarge your professional network by using LinkedIn.

fresh grads professional networking

In this way, the networking just helps you to get yourself prepared for your ideal job to minimize the risk of getting overlooked. Following are the few things that you should know and implement to get succeed in networking.

1. Don’t Be Aggressive:

If you want to be a successful networker, you need to be calm and deal everything with patience. The professional networkers are not aggressive jerks and they are likely to show a sincere interest towards their networking contacts. Also, they work hard to develop and maintain credibility and relationship with the contacts in their circle. In this way, it becomes easier for networker to get information about a particular organization, job-opening, etc.

2. Ask For Favor:

One of the most important things that you need to be aware of is to ask for favor –as mentioned above. Asking directly for a job is truly not a good call. It portrays your image as a less confident individual who is unable to make things favorable on his/her own. Therefore, it is recommended to ask information regarding the job or recommendation at max, but do not ever directly ask for the job.

3. Ask For Suggestions On Expanding Network:

Being a fresh grad, you may have created account on a professional network such as LinkedIn to maximize your chances of scoring a job. But, you probably may not aware of the norms and rules of professional networks and the best way is to ask a professional networker for suggestions on expanding network. Almost, every person you meet on professional networks has connections with 100 different other people and having introduction to them can help you expand your network quickly. Also, it increases your chance of find the right connections that can help you out in making the most of these networks and find a job you have always dreamt of.

4. Give Other Person Chance To Ask:

It is usually seen that the immature or beginner networkers ask too many questions to the contacts in their circle. I am not saying that there is nothing wrong in asking questions to get your queries resolved. What I am intended to say is just you need to let other person speak. There may be few things that he/she wants to know about you in order to help you out in a better way. Not giving the other person chance to ask questions can make it difficult for him/her to help you out. Therefore, try to make it a both sided conversation.

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