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5 Classic Questions To Start An Interesting Conversation

There are many things that students have to learn and improve during their college life to make their transition smoother from college to professional life. One of the most important things that they have to work on is to learn important practices about professional networking such as improving their networking conversations to make connections with the people you meet during the seminars, events and information sessions. In order to lead a meaningful conversation, one should know the classic questions that can lead to a long conversation. If you are trying to break the ice with questio

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5 Common Habits Of Highly Successful Students

Have you ever wondered what makes the class toppers different from the remaining students? Most of the students justify their weaknesses and their strengths by saying that they have God-gifted abilities of learning. No doubt that God has gifted special abilities to them but they are not the only ones who are blessed by God. Everyone in this world is blessed with unique abilities. All one should know is the way to utilise them efficiently. Following are some of the most common habits of highly effective students. So, if you want to be like them and score high grades in exams, you will ne

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Top 5 Study Tips To Score High Grades In Exams

Scoring high grades in exams is a dream of every student who wants to enlighten his future. However, most of the students are unable to accomplish their goal of scoring high marks in exams not because they have not studied or prepared for exams, it is just because they have studied haphazardly. There are some simple yet effective study tips that can help you get your desired goal achieved. Therefore, if you want to become class topper, then you must have to abide by the given tips of getting prepared for your exams. 1. Organise Your Time: The first and foremost thing that you have

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7 Mind Refreshing Tips To Boost Your Brain Memory

The increasing stress and competition in education is affecting the memory power of many students day by day. And, the students who are suffering from this condition are showing poor performance in their academics. So, if you are facing the same problem, then you must take serious note of this situation. Following are the few tips that can help you to improve your memory, thus perform better in your academics. 1. Sleep Well: One of the worst things that can affect your memorizing power is sleeping inadequately and for lesser hours. Our every single work that seems to be mainly physica

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8 Brilliant Tips To Boost Your Creativity

Some people are born creative while some learn it with the help of their imaginative powers. It is not something that comes easy. Even if you are born creative, you need to invest time to polish it. There are various reasons that hurdle the creativity but you can always overcome them and increase your creativity. Following are a few ways to tackle all the hurdles and increase your creativity: What Stops You There are basically two kinds of factors that limit your creativity. These factors can be classified as internal and external factors. The first step towards increasing your creativ

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Teen Life – How to Make Your Boring College Life Fun

Most students imagine college life as the piling of assignments, huge bundles of notes, shelves filled with books, fear-filled exams, scary assignments and above all boring lectures. Although, college life is bit tough but it is not as horrible as we take it. In fact, you can make college life one of your best experiences if you do things right. First of all, college is not all about studying. Human body needs some rest. Therefore, students who just study without taking care of their health get serious mental and psychological troubles. Only studying can never bring desired results, but

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Unorthodox Ways to Butchering Academic Blues (Stress)

Image Credit: ChrisGraphix “God will never give you anything you can’t handle, so don’t stress” (Kelly Clarkson) Indeed, true! Let’s face it stress is not an enigma but a reality that each one of us goes through at one point or another. Technically speaking, no one is safe from the smoldering flames of stress. Yet, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any happiness, bliss or pleasure in life. Remember that beyond every stressful episode lies an ecstatic moment waiting for you to be availed. So, never give up in the face of stress even if it is caused by your hectic academic l

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