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6 Effective Job Search Techniques For Fresh Grads

After completing degree program, the foremost thing on the mind of students is to score a job in their desired field. However, very few of fresh grads are able to get appointed in their desired field soon after the completion of their degree program. The reason why very few of the students are able to get it done is because most of them do not know the right job search techniques. As a result of it, all their effort, time and energy they put in job search goes as a waste. In order to make the most of your resources, you will need to use the proven techniques of job search that have h

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4 Sure-Fire Things Fresh Grads Must Know About Professional Networking

There is no doubt on the effectiveness of networking in finding a job these days especially for the ones having less or no experience like fresh grads. Most of the people refer networking as a pushy thing because they consider it as a process in which one has to call his/her known ones and asking them for a job. However, in real, professional networking is a quite different strategy. What you actually ask is a favor and not job from them. Favor can be anything like referring for a vacant position, information about the job opening, requirements for the ideal candidate, etc. Also you should

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8 Useful Tips To Effectively Polish Your People Skills

People who do not feel the need to improve their people skills often question their implication in regular life along with their impact on professional life. The importance of people skills in professional life has always existed, but recognized just in the past recent years. Without those important soft skills, it is highly difficult to advance career growth. Regardless, there are various books available in the market for improvement of people skills. You can also search online for tips and techniques to improve your skills. However, sifting through the immense data on the internet can

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6 Reasons Why You Need LinkedIn Before Graduation

We are living in an age of information technology with a spice of Globalization. The World has become a huge box where boundaries are simply limitless. Inside this huge box, communication has become even more vast as well as extremely easy and quick. As mediums of communication are changing from written to oral and verbal, from introvert to extrovert, from homogenous to diverse and from implicit to explicit, the standards of Organizations are also becoming heterogeneous. Organizations that once asked for only hardworking employees now demand innovative minds, smart thinkers and quick le

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Dominate the Corporate Ladder with 4 Career Advancement Tips

There’s no denying that career evolution is not just every individual’s dream but an ambition. However, progressing in your respective career is way more difficult than you can imagine. Unless you are lucky enough to marry the only daughter of a CEO and become the board of directors of a corporation, you’ve to work your A** off and climb the career ladder one step at a time. Remember that life is not always forthcoming and it will throw as many thorns as possible in the only path that leads to success. If you crave to achieve career advancement, then you’ve to take that thorny p

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3 Sneaky Tips to Avoid Resume Quagmire

After wrapping up your college program and acquiring your degree, you might have spent a great deal of time crafting a resume, decorating it and mass-mailing it to dozens of recruiters. Yet, you’ve never received a single call from any of them. Why is that so? You may wonder. Instead of wondering, ask yourself what exactly went wrong. Did you do your best to make your resume outstanding? As soon as this question hits your mind, a huge wave of answers will start flowing through your nerves and you will start getting the picture of your shortcomings. Recruiters have to go through hug

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