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See How To Remain Connected With Your Institute After Graduation

It is usually seen that most of the students soon after their graduation do not remain in touch with their college because they want to get hired as soon as possible and only contact institute when they have an important matter such as documents verification  or need to avail any alumni services offered by the institute.

Stay Connected With Institute

Students usually think that staying involved with their college after the graduation is of no use and this is where they all are wrong. Staying involved with your institute does not only help you avail alumni services and benefits but also help institute to reap benefits out of you as the strong alumni connection adds to the reputation of institute, sense of community, boosts morale of the new students by sharing their success stories and much more.

In case you are willing to stay involved with your college after graduation but unable to spare time from your busy schedule, then you must try given ways and I hope that these things will help you remain connected with the institute.

1. Become A Member Of Alumni Network:

It would be hard to find an institute that does not have alumni network because it is the most effective element that helps institute to maintain connection with alumni. One of the many benefits of joining alumni network is that you will be automatically updated about different events. Alumni associations also help the new students by offering discounts on campus goods, organising events, seminars and professional networking events by raising fund so you can help them out by either funding or sharing the cause among your circle.

2. Make Donations:

You are likely to get calls from your institute, soon after graduation, requesting for financial assistance. In case your tuition was covered by a scholarship, partly or fully, it is the time to pay it back to help out future students as most of the institutes rely on donation to fund different educational programs and financial assistance. If you do not have money to contribute, offer your time by volunteering to different services such as becoming a worker at college events, admission liaison or student’s mentor. In this way, you can stay connected with your institute and make an impact without making any monetary contribution.

3. Follow Your Institute On Social Platforms:

Since social media is much blended in our lives, there would be hardly any institute that does not have social presence. Therefore, it is important to follow your institute on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc to stay connected. Usually the official website of your college may not list out information which is unofficial such as an event organized by students. But such information is usually posted on social profiles and pages. Furthermore, the success stories are also shared on it which creates a relation between students and alumni.

In case you do not have time to checkout the social media too often as your most of the time is spent on LinkedIn to expand your professional network, you can follow your institute there as well as universities and colleges, nowadays, have presence on professional networks too. Therefore, following your alma mater on social media or professional network is an effective way of maintaining contact with the administration and peers.


The given above ways are usually very helpful in showing your devotion towards your institute and staying connected with it. In case you are unable to enact upon any of the given above ways, do not worry. You can still show your devotion towards your alma mater by wearing its T-shirt, hanging a copy of your degree in your office cubical, placing your institutes logo on your vehicle and speaking highly of your experience. One thing that you should be concerned about is not to reveal any bad experience that you have faced during your college life because it may be an incident and you may be the only victim.

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