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8 Brilliant Tips To Boost Your Creativity


Some people are born creative while some learn it with the help of their imaginative powers. It is not something that comes easy. Even if you are born creative, you need to invest time to polish it. There are various reasons that hurdle the creativity but you can always overcome them and increase your creativity. Following are a few ways to tackle all the hurdles and increase your creativity:

What Stops You
There are basically two kinds of factors that limit your creativity. These factors can be classified as internal and external factors. The first step towards increasing your creativity is to realize the factors that prevent you from being creative and then to eliminate them. The internal factors include your fear of failure, lack of confidence, hesitation to begin anything new and the fear of people’s reaction. The external factors include your financial limitations and the people around you who may discourage you. At a time, both factors may influence your creativity but it is your choice to either let those factors influence your creativity or not.

Removal Of Negative Thoughts
The most important thing to eliminate the hurdles in your creativity is to eliminate all the negative thoughts from your mind. Boost your self-confidence by telling yourself that you can and will do it. Use your imagination to control negative factors and turn your thoughts into positive ones.

Prepare Yourself For Risks
Sometimes, it can be a challenge to come up with new ideas of creativity. If you want to advance your creative skills, you need to prepare yourself to take risks. Insecurity can suppress creativity, so boost your confidence to avoid all insecurities.

Take Out Time For Creativity
It becomes difficult to give proper time to your creative skills with office work. In order to concentrate on your creative project, commit some time for it in your schedule every week.

Find A Source Of Inspiration
Only you can find the source of inspiration for your creative interest. If you like music, you can browse through music from retro to pop, hip hop to jazz, or any other kind of music until you find your true inspiration. If you have a creative talent for writing, you can visit various book stores and libraries to find books on your favourite subject for inspiration.

Maintain An Idea Journal
Keep a notebook with you at all times. As soon as you think of something creative, write it down for execution when you have time to do it. Sometimes creative ideas do not come to your mind when you are thinking too hard. At such times, you can look up the ideas written in your notebook and work on them.

Ignore The Criticism
Not everybody appreciates creativity, which is why an artist never cares about what other people think about their work. While completing your creative project, ignore all the criticism and concentrate on your work only.

Challenge Yourself
If you realize that you have developed basic creative skills, your next step should be to challenge yourself for a bigger and more creative task. Use a mind map to imagine the unexplored paths and connect different ideas for an upcoming creative project.

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