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6 Reasons Why You Need LinkedIn Before Graduation


We are living in an age of information technology with a spice of Globalization. The World has become a huge box where boundaries are simply limitless. Inside this huge box, communication has become even more vast as well as extremely easy and quick.

As mediums of communication are changing from written to oral and verbal, from introvert to extrovert, from homogenous to diverse and from implicit to explicit, the standards of Organizations are also becoming heterogeneous. Organizations that once asked for only hardworking employees now demand innovative minds, smart thinkers and quick learners.

Now, the employees not only have to work, but they have to show their performance and showcase their work. CV’s and Resumes which were once a part of Job folders and files have now become a regular necessity to avail any opportunity at the exact moment.

The question arises here is that how can a student showcase his/her abilities in front of huge audience and tough competition? The answer is through Online Media! Yes, it has become a powerful tool in bringing professionals and students at the same platform. Students who have met with such professionals only in their career fairs, now can actually chat with them and get in touch with them. The most recent example is of Richard Branson, The founder and CEO of Virgin who has his own blog which he updates regularly and tries to reply to every response.

LinkedIn has emerged in recent years and has become a “necessity” for every student who wants his resume to be exposed to professionals all around the globe. It is one of the biggest professional platforms that connect professionals. The benefits which it gives to its users are outstanding. Some of them are mentioned below:

1.    It gives users a chance to update their diversified Resumes and can check or update it anywhere and anytime.

2.    It provides students with a chance to highlight their research work and actually upload the documents or the work which they have done in the past. In short, it is your Shelf to showcase your skills.

3.    Making professional connections is what the biggest and most important benefit of LinkedIn. It has reduced the gap among professionals and has connected them on the same platform.

4.    The option of forums and groups can actually become a bridge that helps Professionals and Students to get insights into what the market demands these days and how students can work on their skills to meet those demands.

5.    The Job posting tool is an added feature of LinkedIn which is usable only by its premium users.

6.    Lastly, the user can actually make online business card which is an astonishing feature of LinkedIn. With this feature, you can actually showcase your skills, abilities and objectives.

Now, you don’t have to wait for the completion of your graduation to make professional contacts and grow your network. With linkedin, you can get this done even during the course of your graduation. By the time you complete your degree, you will have a huge professional network at your disposal. Join different forums and groups so that you can get insights into the market trends and requirements.

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