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4 Contemplative And Debatable Themes for a Paper on Social Psychology!

social-psychologySocial Psychology explores the feelings, attitudes and behaviors of humans and how they are influenced by their social, cultural and economic background. It investigates the interactions of humans with their society and how this relationship forms their opinion and beliefs. In this context, you can research about the formative social factors and motivators that affect the psyche of humans.

For a research paper on Social Psychology, you can address the major social themes responsible for the development of human personality. Your paper can debate one or more aspects of a social theme and prove it with solid evidence and facts.

1.    Does Society Or Nature Influence The Personality Development?

Society has a direct impact on the personality development of an individual. It has strong effects on how an individual perceives the world around him. This contributes in the formation of beliefs and attitude of an individual towards the society. Human nature is another strong force that defines personality of an individual and equally motivates him to behave in a certain way. Research in your paper the influence of society on the personality development and to what extent nature is responsible for the formation of behavior of an individual.

2.    How Bullying Affects the Victim?

Bullying is a serious issue for schools. It builds an environment of confrontation and contributes in the violence of a society. The effects of bullying affects the victims and which in turn have negative consequences on his life. A paper on research paper can discuss the causes behind this antisocial element and how it can be countered with possible solutions.

3.    Is Humor a Form of Expression or Discrimination?

Humor is a form of expression and has positive effects on human mind. However humor can also be the source of prejudice in some cases, such as sexism, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Investigate the ways humor forms an attitude of the society and plays a part in the discrimination towards a particular group of people or segment of society. For example, you can study how women are a target of sexist humor and how this affects the mindset of people towards the female gender.

4.    Should Young Children Get Sex Education?

The issue of sex education has long been a debated topic. The proponents of this idea cite that sex education reduces the chances of accidental pregnancies and make the teenagers aware of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). While the opponents of sex education argue that it may engage the students in sexual misdoings and adultery.

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