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3 Sneaky Tips to Avoid Resume Quagmire


After wrapping up your college program and acquiring your degree, you might have spent a great deal of time crafting a resume, decorating it and mass-mailing it to dozens of recruiters. Yet, you’ve never received a single call from any of them. Why is that so? You may wonder.

Instead of wondering, ask yourself what exactly went wrong. Did you do your best to make your resume outstanding? As soon as this question hits your mind, a huge wave of answers will start flowing through your nerves and you will start getting the picture of your shortcomings.

Recruiters have to go through huge piles of resumes skimming them end to end so that they can nail the right candidates who deserve the job most. They spend only half a minute or so to scan it and decide whether to toss it away or tuck it under the shortlisted ones. Therefore, they examine a couple of aspects of your resume to save their time and make the right decision.

If you don’t want your resume to sink to the bottom of a thick marsh instead want it to make an appealing impression on the prospective employer, then spare a minute or two to read on this succinct write-up.

•    Present a well-decorated objective. You must have heard the term, “first impression is last impression”. Guess what! It is exactly what an objective delivers. Your objective is a brief summary of yours informing the reader why you are the best fit for the company. Therefore, make it a compelling one while making sure that it is clear and succinct.

•    Let your accomplishments hog the spotlight. Remember, recruiters want an employee who can make a significant contribution to their company like a problem solver, critical thinker, etc. You can exhibit these traits to them through your accomplishments that you have acquired over the years. This will give more weight to your resume and, thus, enable it to seize the attention of your recruiters.

•    Tailor your resume for the field. If you are applying for a position in the HR department, then you need to keep the format of your resume formal. Likewise, if you are applying for the position of a graphic designer in a designing firm, you need to present a resume that exhibits your creativity. The point is you need to customize the resume in line with the standards of your industry- because it is a norm these days.

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