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See How To Remain Connected With Your Institute After Graduation

It is usually seen that most of the students soon after their graduation do not remain in touch with their college because they want to get hired as soon as possible and only contact institute when they have an important matter such as documents verification  or need to avail any alumni services offered by the institute. Students usually think that staying involved with their college after the graduation is of no use and this is where they all are wrong. Staying involved with your institute does not only help you avail alumni services and benefits but also help institute to reap benefi

5 Classic Questions To Start An Interesting Conversation

There are many things that students have to learn and improve during their college life to make their transition smoother from college to professional life. One of the most important things that they have to work on is to learn important practices about professional networking such as improving their networking conversations to make connections with the people you meet during the seminars, events and information sessions. In order to lead a meaningful conversation, one should know the classic questions that can lead to a long conversation. If you are trying to break the ice with questio

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6 Effective Job Search Techniques For Fresh Grads

After completing degree program, the foremost thing on the mind of students is to score a job in their desired field. However, very few of fresh grads are able to get appointed in their desired field soon after the completion of their degree program. The reason why very few of the students are able to get it done is because most of them do not know the right job search techniques. As a result of it, all their effort, time and energy they put in job search goes as a waste. In order to make the most of your resources, you will need to use the proven techniques of job search that have h

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5 Common Habits Of Highly Successful Students

Have you ever wondered what makes the class toppers different from the remaining students? Most of the students justify their weaknesses and their strengths by saying that they have God-gifted abilities of learning. No doubt that God has gifted special abilities to them but they are not the only ones who are blessed by God. Everyone in this world is blessed with unique abilities. All one should know is the way to utilise them efficiently. Following are some of the most common habits of highly effective students. So, if you want to be like them and score high grades in exams, you will ne

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A Beginner’s Guide To Writing An A+ Research Paper

Research paper plays an important role in improving the critical thinking and writing power of a student. Unlike other literature papers and assignments, it includes the interpretation of your observations that you have gathered while examining a particular topic. Writing a flawless research paper in order to score higher grade is obviously a difficult task to accomplish. However, abiding by the given steps will help you write it in perfect manners which increase your chances of getting A+ grade. 1. Choose Topic Wisely: The first and most important of all is choosing a topic wisel

4 Sure-Fire Things Fresh Grads Must Know About Professional Networking

There is no doubt on the effectiveness of networking in finding a job these days especially for the ones having less or no experience like fresh grads. Most of the people refer networking as a pushy thing because they consider it as a process in which one has to call his/her known ones and asking them for a job. However, in real, professional networking is a quite different strategy. What you actually ask is a favor and not job from them. Favor can be anything like referring for a vacant position, information about the job opening, requirements for the ideal candidate, etc. Also you should

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Top 5 Study Tips To Score High Grades In Exams

Scoring high grades in exams is a dream of every student who wants to enlighten his future. However, most of the students are unable to accomplish their goal of scoring high marks in exams not because they have not studied or prepared for exams, it is just because they have studied haphazardly. There are some simple yet effective study tips that can help you get your desired goal achieved. Therefore, if you want to become class topper, then you must have to abide by the given tips of getting prepared for your exams. 1. Organise Your Time: The first and foremost thing that you have

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7 Mind Refreshing Tips To Boost Your Brain Memory

The increasing stress and competition in education is affecting the memory power of many students day by day. And, the students who are suffering from this condition are showing poor performance in their academics. So, if you are facing the same problem, then you must take serious note of this situation. Following are the few tips that can help you to improve your memory, thus perform better in your academics. 1. Sleep Well: One of the worst things that can affect your memorizing power is sleeping inadequately and for lesser hours. Our every single work that seems to be mainly physica

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8 Useful Tips To Effectively Polish Your People Skills

People who do not feel the need to improve their people skills often question their implication in regular life along with their impact on professional life. The importance of people skills in professional life has always existed, but recognized just in the past recent years. Without those important soft skills, it is highly difficult to advance career growth. Regardless, there are various books available in the market for improvement of people skills. You can also search online for tips and techniques to improve your skills. However, sifting through the immense data on the internet can

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8 Brilliant Tips To Boost Your Creativity

Some people are born creative while some learn it with the help of their imaginative powers. It is not something that comes easy. Even if you are born creative, you need to invest time to polish it. There are various reasons that hurdle the creativity but you can always overcome them and increase your creativity. Following are a few ways to tackle all the hurdles and increase your creativity: What Stops You There are basically two kinds of factors that limit your creativity. These factors can be classified as internal and external factors. The first step towards increasing your creativ

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